University of szeged, University of Szeged

History[ edit ] Founding and predecessors[ edit ] The earliest predecessor of today's university was established by Stephen Báthory in the city of Cluj-Napoca in [5] as a Catholic academy, with a profile in humanities and theology.

King Joseph II downgraded the university to a Royal College of the Academy inwhich hindered its further progress. The Faculty of Theology was closed down inand the other faculties offered a wide range of education, including economics and sciences.

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Functioning as a public university, the institution comprised ten faculties, the number of which ultimately reached Sincea new system in tertiary education was established, which divides most majors into a Bachelor's and a Master's programme. Attila József Study and Information Centre, the most recent university building Sincenumerous developments have taken place.

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Inuniversity of szeged new university building was opened under the name Attila József Study and Information Centre. The main administrative building, the Rector's Office is on Dugonics Square, while the twelve faculties are housed in several buildings in downtown Szeged.

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Currently, there are four prorectors, responsible for strategy, education, research and development, and international relations, respectively. The chancellor is responsible for the economical management of the institution. The current chancellor is Judit Fendler. Consisting of 49 decision-making delegates, the Senate make decisions on organisational changes and statutes.

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In some programmes, would-be students have to pass a practical examination or a test. Szeged offers 52 full-time degree programmes at Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral level.

Would-be students must decide whether they would like to opt for the state-financed programme, for which they need more points, or the self-financed programme.

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The Teacher Training Centre oversees administrative duties and coordinates teacher education between the four faculties of the university that participate in their training: [35] the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Gyula Juhász Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Science and the Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts.

Students of these schools are taught by trained teachers and student-teachers as well, and university of szeged observations also take place.

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